July 03, 2020

"A Skeleton at a Typewriter | The Remixes" Out Now!

THE REMIXES: The original self-produced album was a solo project in every sense. I felt compelled to find out what would happen to the songs if the acapellas were let loose in the world and opened up to rebirth through collaboration. Humbled and thrilled by the possibilities we received in this remix context, grateful to all the producers round the world who submitted their interpretations. And proud to present two new projects from this: "A Skeleton at a Typewriter | The Remixes" and "The Idea of Me" Mista Mayday Maxi-Single. All proceeds from sales of this album will be donated, divided between The Audre Lourde Project, Anti-Racism and Police Brutality Funds & Wind of the Spirit.

May 02, 2020

"A Skeleton at a Typewriter" REMIX CONTEST

I have decided to release the acapella vocals from my latest project and invite producers to submit remixes for a new version of the album to be released in June, the proceeds of which will be charitably donated. Check the release page (click the button below) for the contest details and let your producer peoples know! Submissions accepted till May 31.

January 29, 2020

Rabbi Darkside: Artist-in-Residence in Cassis, FR

To start 2020, I'm thrilled to be based in coastal south France for an artist residency in Cassis. I'm back and forth here for 2 sessions spanning the first 3 months of the year while on leave from teaching at The New School, spending my time and energies penning lyrics and poetry, composing music, hiking the breathtaking Calanques, meditating, tightening my French language game and doing some scholarly writing. Making occasional IG posts to give some insight into life here while doing my best to attune to the sky and seas.

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