November 02, 2020

America: The Usual Mixtape

Funneling some of my election anxiety and anger into the turntables by curating, mixing and cutting "America: The Usual." 90 minutes of resistance music with a focus on new millennium Hip Hop and 2020 protest songs, plus some nods to historical gems. Special shout to all the homies who have been soundtracking my personal revolution. Honored to have y'all in my cypher.

I don't know what is going to happen on Election Day, but I do know the work is always ahead, inwards and outwards. Onwards in solidarity in destroying the white supremacist sexist capitalist fascist patriarchy and building a world grounded in love, empathy, listening, sustainability, human rights and accountability.

September 28, 2020

New Weekly Mix Series: Say Word Selects

New weekly series. Live mix on Technics 1200s, recorded straight away. Featuring: favorites from the beautiful flow of new music making its way to my world, discoveries I'm getting hip to that feel like new, and gems from my crates. I'll be livestream performing the mix (with more turntablism and musical additions) each week simulcast to Mixcloud, Instagram, Youtube, Twitch. Follow @rabbidarkside on IG for details.

Giving myself the weekly task of curating and rocking these mixes to satiate the DJ hunger that growls while in absence from playing out. Some episodes will be Open Format, some more genre/era/artist specific. Some on Serato, some all vinyl, some combos. To submit music for consideration email with links to downloads (Wetransfer/Soundcloud/Google Drive; no MP3s as attachments please).

Sit back, vibe and enjoy the selects. Say Word.

July 03, 2020

"A Skeleton at a Typewriter | The Remixes" Out Now!

THE REMIXES: The original self-produced album was a solo project in every sense. I felt compelled to find out what would happen to the songs if the acapellas were let loose in the world and opened up to rebirth through collaboration. Humbled and thrilled by the possibilities we received in this remix context, grateful to all the producers round the world who submitted their interpretations. And proud to present two new projects from this: "A Skeleton at a Typewriter | The Remixes" and "The Idea of Me" Mista Mayday Maxi-Single. All proceeds from sales of this album will be donated, divided between The Audre Lourde Project, Anti-Racism and Police Brutality Funds & Wind of the Spirit.

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